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Over 800 different greenscreen background themes for your guest to choose from during each visit to the booth - no 2 prints will be the same!

Categories include:

  • 3D - become immersed in a choice of 10 background and foreground themes

  • Around the world - travel to 7 different continents

  • Time machine - travel back in time to places such as 'Ancient Egypt' or 'The Wild West'

  • Big Edz (our favourite!) - your head on a diddy funky body with a choice of 7 themed sets

  • Magazine covers - become the star of a magazine cover with 5 different themes to choose from

  • Pop art - create your own pop art style prints

  • Wish you were here - a unique randomisation system picks 1 of over 100 random locations to put on a postcard

and more!


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